Western Formula Racing Unveils 2012 Car

Shorai has been working with the Western Formula Race Team, and we just got the the latest pictures from the car unveiling this past weekend, and they look GREAT.

The Western Formula Race Team is comprised of over 60 undergraduate students attending the University of Ontario(UWO).   The team  members come from many disciplines of the school ranging from engineering students, to business students. The team has been competing since 1988 , and every year they build up a new car from the ground up. Up against more than 120 other universities, the car is not only judged on speed, but on design and viability as a mass-produced consumer autocross racer. Shorai is very proud to be a part of this yearly feat of engineering, and we look forward to seeing the team and program succeed.

A Formula SAE (FSAE) Car is a single, open cockpit, open wheel, formula style car. There are many restrictions placed for safety, cost, along with a source for proper guidelines to design and build for competition, but also to allow innovation in design.

The teams next race will be at the Michigan Speedway on 09.05.2012. Good luck!

The team recently unveiled the car, and it’s a beauty. Click link for their Flikr albums.

UWO Car and Shorai

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