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LFX Troubleshooting

Q. Common vehicle issues that may create drain on the battery or cause poor starting performance

A. If the bikes charging system is not working properly the battery will be discharged while riding.  Using the volt meter check that the charging system output voltage is 13.6V-14.4V at ~2000rpm. See the video for procedure instruction to test your charging system.

If the bike sits for long periods of time it can drain the battery from the bikes electrical parasitic draw.
See the video to test your charging system.

Q. If the Bike sits Unused for Several Weeks

A. The Shorai battery has a very slow self discharge rate and will hold about 13.1V even after a year of sitting on the shelf.  But if installed in a motorcycle and it sits unused the bikes electrical system draw can discharge the battery over time.  This is not a manufacturing defect and is not covered under warranty.

If the battery sits in the bike, please charge the battery if the voltage drops below 13.3V.  Using a battery tender is okay to recharge the battery but it is not designed to maintain the proper voltage if left connected to the shorai battery.  If a charger is to be used on the bike for storage purposes the shorai BMS-01 charger is recommended.

Q. If the Battery is Overly Discharged

A. When using the Shorai Charger on a deeply discharged battery it is typical for the yellow and green lights to alternate back and forth if the battery voltage is less than 50% (13.1V). It may take several hours to recharge, however you can speed up the recharge process by pressing the charge button periodically and/or disconnecting and reconnecting for the charger to resample the voltage level. Once the voltage gets above 13.1V the charger will work in the normal charge mode(flashing green light). In the charge mode it will deliver the full 2A charge rate and typically finish charging in less than a hour. If you can not recover the battery return it to shorai for us to recondition and test it.

Shorai LFX SOC Chart

Shorai LFX SOC Chart