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After a long winter in the workshop, and a late spring Team Taurus finally rebuilt their ALPHA-12. And, it was ready to shine on the Varano Circuit. One of the key aspects the team wanted to focus on was weight reduction. Shorai is proud to to have the Taurus Team pick our lithium motorcycle batteries to power their vintage machines. With their stringent criteria for weight reduction the Shorai lithium-iron motorcycle battery is a perfect fit. With massive weight savings over a traditional lead acid battery the choice was obvious.

Alpha 12


The team recently returned from Cartagena, and they did well. The forecast called for rain, and the weather man actually got it right. During qualifying the team clocked the third fastest lap time. With the start of the race the team battled to second. As the track started to dry out and traction was improving, misfortune struck, and during the last few laps the rotor ignition decided to check out of the race before the checker flag was dropped. The team didn’t let this minor setback get them down, they are still very positive about the race. The team has finally started to get the bike dialed in and it shows. The team actually shaved 2 seconds off of their fastest lap time at this track.

Video below of Team Taurus in action.


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