Slim Speeds Away With Shorai

VMS WERA Round 4 – April 7 – 8


Stephen Lim #962 Honda 600rr 2009


I arrived in good time at LVMS on Friday April 6th hauling my NEXX Helmets trailer with my gear and some helmets for people to try. Thanks to Chris Schatz at Schatzmeister Works for the loaner “B” bike, just in case I had a little mishap. I set up my gear for the next day and went to the hotel for some much needed rest.


This was the first time using my Shorai Power battery in my Honda 600rr, I have to say, from the minute I opened up the small box with my battery in it I was pleased. The padding kit included made it fun and easy to fit the battery in my tray.  The hardware to attach positive/negative terminals were also amazing with the little pads to help prevent the nut from falling out.  Not only did the battery survive a 2 hour trip with my motorbikes electrical on, it fired up right after I noticed. It also fired up instantly in the mornings being around 50 degree Fahrenheit. You know when you get that fatigue of the battery not cranking when either cold or too hot? I Did not have a single problem with this battery cranking my motorbike over at anytime. Shorai Power really did an amazing job with creating such a lightweight, yet powerful battery.


I got up super early Saturday because my number one rule in my race program is to NOT RUSH.  I setup my NEXX USA canopy and tables and headed to registration where… well the line was long enough.  I signed up for 3 races this day along with 3 races for the next day; C Superstock Novice, B Superstock Novice, & B Superbike Novice. I chose to do more 750cc class racing this time because I was just there to have fun. I signed up for the 600cc class races last round and wanted to try something new. I am definitely not in it for the championship due to my work obligations with NEXX USA and the amount I have to travel, I ride & race when I can.




My first race on Saturday was the C Superstock Novice Race, gridded in the second to last row I was able to get into 5th position out of 16 by the first turn. Stuck behind a group of riders who were all trying to get by each other, I finished the race in 6th. Sundays C Superstock Novice Race was better, I was gridded in the third row this time and was able to get the hole shot! Yes, from 7th position, I got the hole shot. However, with the lack of power my bike had over some other bikes I was surpassed by 4 riders down the back straight and ended up finishing in 5th place.


My second race on Saturday was the B Superstock Novice Race, which was a 2 wave start. This was really confusing and considering the flag guy wasn’t looking at us and just threw the flag, I ended up with a hand full of throttle after I dropped my clutch and a huge wheelie which really messed up my amazing starts.  I was able to finish the race in 8th place, starting 8th on the grid.


The second day of the B Superstock Novice race was better; better grid and RACE FUEL! I was sick of being overpowered by some of these bikes so I put in some race fuel to alleviate some of the disadvantage. I ended up 3rd in this race from 6th position.


My third race on Saturday was the B Superbike Novice Race, which was also a 2 wave start, but I learned from my mistakes this time. I paid attention and got a great start & the hole shot. I ended up finishing this race in 2nd place.   Sunday’s B Superbike Novice race was a bit more competitive, but again on the first row I was able to get another hole shot. The most frustrating thing is that these other bikes had at least 10 HP more than I did so they would always catch me on the straights making me work extra hard on the brakes and in the corners.  As I came down the front straight on the white flag I took a look back and saw 3 other riders right on my rear, so I put my head down and tried to go as fast as I could.  I maintained my position and I finished this race in 3rd place.





None of this would be possible if I didn’t have the support of my sponsors or the racing community. They all help me in their own individual ways as I create promotional avenues for these companies by putting stickers on my bike, listing them on my sponsored list, talking about my products with other riders, and being on the podium to show the potential these products can bring.  So help me by helping support my sponsors.


Thanks to:  NEXX USA HelmetsShorai PowerHeroic Racing ApparelBridgestone,  Zero Gravity WindscreensGalfer Brake Lines.

Thanks for the fantastic update Stephen, and congratulations to you. We are always excited to hear about how riders in the community are enjoying our products.