Shorai LFX lithium battery tested and proven in Daytona 200 mile race

Shorai Inc. sponsored rider Shawn Higbee, competed on the Buell 1125 in the Daytona 200, to finish 17th out of 44 riders.  The small and lightweight Shorai LFX14L2 started the big V-twin engine quickly and performed flawlessly all weekend.  On track performance was improved by using the Shorai battery because it saved about 7lbs compared to the OEM lead acid battery.


During the AMA Pro Roadracing event at the Daytona International Speedway fan walks allowed the spectators to meet the riders in person and see the bikes up close.  Shorai pins and stickers where handed out along with autographs for the fans.  As people picked up the Shorai sample battery the most common comment was, “wow….is that the actual weight!”.

Higbee also debuted the CrotchRocket.TV EBR1190 Shorai sponsored effort in the AMA superbike event at Daytona but mechanical problems prevented Higbee from starting the Superbike races.  ”It was a real bummer not to be able to race the EBR1190.  I only had a chance to circulate in practice for 5 laps before we dropped a valve.  The EBR1190 is really fast, the data indicated over 190mph on the intial laps and it had a lot more speed left!”

Look for Shorai, Shawn Higbee and the CrotchRocket.TV EBR1190 later this season in AMA Superbike competition.