Shorai Battery proven in the Silver State 300

Through our sponsorship of racers all over the world, Shorai battery is constantly getting feedback from riders and racers throughout the world. This helps us develop a better product for the powersports community. Here is the latest update from the Desert Toyz Racing team, and their recent finish in the Silver State 300 Race.

Desert Toyz Can Am Commander finishes 3rd at Silver State 300.

The Desert Toyz Can Am X Team Commander driven by Cory Sappington and Jim Sharp had their second podium finish of the year, finishing 3rd out of 19 entries. The Silver State 300 is held 100 miles Northwest of Las Vegas Nevada in some of the most desolate yet picturesque desert you can find. The elevation of the race changes from 3,500 feet to 7,500 feet and the terrain changes are just as drastic. The early part of the race consists of high speed straights with winding turns and gains in elevation through sections of forest. The middle section of the 300 mile loop challenges drivers with tight turns, washed river beds, trees and the highest point of the course. The last 100 miles takes the cars back to lower elevations with top speed runs, silt beds and swooping turns.

The Desert Toyz Can Am Commander started in 14th place with Cory Sappington driving the first 100 mile section. With the race starting to the East, drivers were challenged with limited visibility as the sun came up and the dusty conditions worsened. Cory drove the car to race marker 103 where the first driver change took place. This was in the town of Caliente, NV and was also pit 3. Cory had moved the car into a strong 6th place position, when Jim Sharp took over driving duties. Jim would drive the car for the next 112 miles. At pit 4, the Commander was in 4th place with the car moving into 3rd place by pit 5. Cory then took over driving at pit 6 or mile marker 215 for the remainder of the race and shortened the finishing time between 2nd and 3rd place. Throughout the race, Donovan Cain acted as navigator keeping the Can Am Commander on course.

Congratulations to the other Can Am Commanders. The Murray brothers finished in 4th place and continue to hold the Best in the Desert UTV Pro points lead. The Commander of Michael Lansky and Jon Bristol showed great speed and held the 2nd place position for much of the race. Mechanical issues late in the race dropped them to 13th position.

The Desert Toyz Racing Can Am X Team is so grateful for our sponsors and pit crew. We would like to thank Maxxis tires for supplying the best tires on the market. We have not had a flat all season. Thanks to Elka shocks for building such a quality product. We ran a stock length front shock for this race. To Dragonfire Racing for exhaust and engine management products. Thanks to our newest sponsor, Shorai Batteries. Shorai builds the world’s lightest, strongest, powersports batteries available. We would also like to thank Rocky Mountain ATV for assisting us with some last minute parts issues. Lastly, to Can Am for all the parts support, technical support and contingency support they give us. Running a Can Am product in these conditions for the duration of these races truly indicates the quality of the product. We are proud to represent these companies.