Shorai Battery and Taurus Team Podium in Belgium

Shorai Motorcycle Battery is proud to announce that the Team Taurus vintage Racing team podiums!

The race was a four hour race, held at the world famous Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, in Belgium. The race track is very challenging, with many elevation changes, and high speed. The track has seen many changes over time as to make it safer, but it still remains a favorite of speed seekers worldwide.

Taurus Team:

The team has had many trials and tribulations, from mechanical failures to acts of God, but today wasn’t one of them.

The team has worked hard for 3 years developing and fine tuning the bike. And, it has paid off with a podium finish. Many times teams would be unhappy with a third place place, but this third place was hard earned and no easy feat.

The competition was huge. There were over 72 teams competing from all over the world. Second, in racing attendance was endurance world champion Stephane Mertens, who eventually took the first place podium position.

Now, before the race had even started the track was in less than optimal conditions due to rain. During practice we hit a wet spot and the bike went down causing a small fire. Luckily, the team was in sync and we were able to get the bike back on the track and finish practice.

Now, with things behind us, on to qualifying. After, posting consistent lap times we were able to qualify in 12th starting position.

Come race day, we were ready. The green flag dropped and it was a go. Within the first hour with Oreste piloting the Guzzi he was able to inch his way into 6th place. At the next rider change Sam was able to get into the 5th position and maintain it until the next rider change.

It was time for the last rider change, and the pit area was full of fatigued riders. Some so tired that they pitted, and never finished the race. Orestes was the final rider, and fatigue was slowly creeping in, but he was in able to get himself out of the traffic, and was able to inch a little further in the positions by getting to 4th place.

It was down to the last lap and it looked like we had secured a fourth place finish, but as luck would have it Orestes was able to make a last minute pass, and secure a THIRD PLACE FINISH!




What an exciting weekend of racing. Taurus Team would like to thank Shorai Battery for their continued support.


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