Manuel Luchesse Kicks Sand in Qatar

Manuel Luchesse in Qatar:

Congratulations to Manuel for his finish in Qatar. Riding his Husaberg though the desert and towards the finish line, was no easy task. The final stages of the race were intense. There was a huge dune that Manuel jumped (see video below). He became a small celebrity after that little stunt.


Later on on the stage the markers were placed in the wrong direction, wasting valuable seconds on the clock. luckily stage 4 was a breeze and Manuel cruised to a win in the junior class, finishing 16th overall in the many bikes that raced. Manuel is now 2nd in the running for the FIM Junior World Rally Championship. Manuel is still chasing the leader Laskawiec and is trailing by 17 points. It will be hard to catch up but Manuel is up to the challenge.


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