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Shorai October Newsletter 2013


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Shorai Newsletter October 2013
Yoshimura Press Release

Shorai Continues Global Expansion with U.K. Distributor

Read why MAG Europe  decided to partner with Shorai, and how it benefits you.  Click here
Nifty Fifty

Can-Am Factory UTV Promo Video

Here is the latest promo video put out by Can-Am featuring  Shorai sponsored Murray Racing, and Desert Toyz UTV race teams. Click Here .

Shorai Student Sponsorship Highlight: McGill FSAE

Shorai sponsors professional teams, privateer teams, and even students.  This month we are highlighting the McGill FSAE Team. Please read about their recent trip to Germany for an FSAE competition. (Link)
Frequently Asked Questions

Shorai Battery Basics:

Battery Basics : Shorai LFX Battery details-

1.       To reach the full charge voltage of 14.4V, uses a 4S configuration
2.       classified as a power design
3.       The peak discharge rating is 45C
4.       Rechargeable, secondary cell type

To read more about battery terms and definitions please click HERE.