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Boviet Solar 440W Monocrystalline Bifacial PERC Solar Panel Module



Weight (lbs): 68.34 lbs
Weight (kg): 31.00 kg
Dimensions: 84.06 x 41.19 x 1.38 inch
Power Range: 440W - 450W
Module Efficiency: 20.2%
Cell Efficiency: 22.5% ~ 23.3%
Power Tolerance: 0 ~ +5W
System Voltage: 1000/1500 V DC
Technology: Monocrystalline – Bifacial | PERC | Half Cut cell | 144 Cells | 9 Bus Bar Cell Technology
Design: Double Glass | Silver Frame | Glass Back
Installation: Ground Mount or Roof Top
Series: Vega
Features: P-Type Semiconductor, Passivated emitter and rear cell technology
Linear Power Warranty: 30 Years. 2.5% Degradation First-year, <0.5% Degradation From 2 to 30 Years
Product Warranty: 12 Years
Module Code: BVM6612M-440S-H-HC-BF-DG
Pre-Order: Available Approx. 10/25/22
California Residents: Prop 65 Warning
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Pre-Order Available 10/25/22*

Boviet Solar USA is a Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer that produces both residential and commercial solar modules. a highly regarded solar panel manufacturing company based in Vietnam. with a USA office located in San Jose, CA.

Not only has Boviet received a stamp of approval from Bloomberg Finance, by landing a spot on their Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer list, they’ve also been crowned a "PVEL" Top Performer for three consecutive years. In just the year 2022 alone, Boviet has been awarded many numerours contracts & projects surpassing 1000's of total Megawatts, making Boviet one of the fastest growing Solar companies in the Industry.

Boviet Solar, a subsidiary of Boway Alloy, a multibillion-dollar global company, founded in 1993. The Company focuses on multiple industries from high-speed rail transit, ship building, communication, semiconductor, intelligent automation, engineering machinery, computer, and electronics. Their core products and services are based on advanced materials technology such as precision rolled products, precision bars and rods, precision cutting wire, precision welding wire, and new energy applications. Boviet Solar, a leader was born.

Boviet Solar 440W Monocrystalline Bifacial PERC Solar Panel Module (Double Glass) - Vega Series
Detailed Information

Leading Mono-Bifacial and PERC Design
The Vega Series; Mono-bifacial PV modules capture light from both the front and back side of the PV module. Mono-bifacial PERC PV Modules are slightly different from the standard monocrystalline PV Modules. PERC stands for Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell is a modern technology used to increase the efficiency of standard PV Modules. This is done by adding a passivated layer in the rear of the cell. In mono-perc PV modules, the same passivated layer is added in the back (rear) side of the solar cells. Mono-PERC is an advanced version of mono-crystalline PV modules that are considered to have higher efficiency even in low-light conditions.

Designed To Perform, Built To Last
Boviet Solar PV modules are designed with better technology in-mind. Made from robust product components and raw-materials, under stringent quality control steps and high-tech manufacturing processes. Our proprietary PERC, half-cut, multi-busbar, and large cell designs enables our PV modules to pack more power per module, capture more photons, produce more energy, and provide reliable, dependable system performance under different installations requirements, difficult weather, or any environmental conditions. Whether you are just a Home DIY'er, installer, contractor, or project developer, we have the best PV module solution for your residential, commercial, industrial, and utility scale solar projects.

Manufacturer Provided Warranty
30 Years - Linear power performance warranty
12 Years - Enhanced product warranty

Boviet solar panels come with two Manufacturer provided warranties: a 12-year product warranty and 30-year production warranty. 

The 12-year product warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship 12 years after the date of purchase, so long as the panels have been operated and installed as intended.

Boviet Solar production warranty tells you how much electricity you can expect the panel to produce after 30 years. As solar panels age, they lose some of their ability to produce electricity. After one year, a Boviet solar panel will operate at at least 97.5% of its original power rating. A 2.5% drop in production during year one falls in line with industry standards. For the remaining 29 years of the warranty, Boviet Solar guarantees the panel’s power rating will not drop more than 0.5% per year, which makes the Vega series very competitive, and comparable to some of the most expensive, other-branded solar panels in the market.

Delivery Options
Local-Pick-up, and Shipping Quotes are available on a case-by-case basis.

Product Datasheet

Installation Manual


ISO 9001 PV Module Certificate

IEC PV Module Certificate CE Double Glass

IEC PV Module Certificate Ammonia Salt-Mist Double Glass Bifacial

IEC PV Module Certificate 61215 61730 Double Glass

IEC PV Module Certificate 61215 61730 (TUV) Double Glass

ICA PV Module Certificate 45001

ICA PV Module Certificate 14001