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Shorai Newsletter November 2014


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Shorai Newsletter November 2014
Yoshimura Suzuki

Shorai Powers Rebel X Dakar Ready Bike

“Designed to be ‘a bike dedicated to big adventure and exploration but also ready to race’ the Yamaha WR450F Rally has been built to .....(more)
EBR Buell 1190 Shorai

Win A Ride With Indy Car

Shorai Sponsored Sonoma Raceway is giving away a free ride in a two seater Indy car!  Click the link to enter and go for the ride of your life.  Details here

Custom Shop: Classified Moto

Have a look at some of the bikes Classified Moto has been putting out.  The bulk of their builds that require a battery all use a Shorai LFX lithium battery.  They have a few celebrity builds on the books, and a few more coming up  (Click To See More)
Shorai Technical Tips

Why Do Lithium-ion Batteries Cost So Much?

The term “lithium-ion battery” includes a wide variety of possible electrode chemistries and electrolytes, and as these types of batteries proliferate, we decided it was time to provide a basic primer on them.
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