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Customer Service

(Please Note: Warranty became 5-year prorated on October 5 2016, Shorai has extended the warranty period to apply to all previous sales)


Shorai  is dedicated to providing the best possible service for our customers. We really care about the quality of our products, and satisfaction for our patrons. Please feel free to contact us with your experiences, comments, and suggestions; we’re here to listen or assist you when needed.

Many common Tech and Usage questions are already answered within our site. Please see the FAQ,Specifications and Install Guides before submitting tech questions via our online contact form!

Click here to email Shorai staff for comments or technical questions after visiting the FAQ / Specs links above.



Click here to send us a product warranty or return application (read below first, please)

Shorai offers a Limited Five-Year Warranty for LFX batteries, for defects in material and/or workmanship, pertaining to sales originating and delivered within the United States.

All warranty claims for products purchased and delivered within the United States are handled directly by Shorai . (USA). Do not contact your reseller for warranty claims. See Our Warranty Form for online submission of warranty claims, and Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA#) assignment. Replacement batteries are to be issued by Shorai  and sent directly to the customer. If an exception is requested, a dealership is not authorized to issue a replacement battery without prior written authorization from Shorai .


Please do NOT return any product without an RMA#, or before Shorai has contacted you to perform some simple diagnostics. In many cases issues can be solved prior to return.

Conditions which will void warranty

  • Opening the battery case will void the warranty
  • Applications Not listed on the Shorai website product finder such as: Aircraft, Automotive, Go Karts,  Motive power (LFX as main power source, not engine starter).
  • Over-voltage charging, or other error by charger or user setting of charger.
  • Use in excess of cranking (CCA) specifications
  • Short circuit of main terminals or BMS port
  • Short circuit caused by improper installation
  • Improper connections to the 5-pin BMS port
  • Over-discharge (i.e. resting voltage allowed to fall below 12.8V/6.4V for Lfx 12V/6V types)
  • Physical Damage to the battery occurring after purchase (impact, etc)

Our batteries will generally work in vehicles up to 110 Cubic Inches or 1,800 Cubic Centimeters (LFX36L3-BS12 and LFX36A3-BS12 series).  If you have a stock motor pulled from another vehicle, then you can use our battery finder to select the battery that the motor came from as long as the starter gearing is the same.  If you have any other questions, please give us a call and we will assist you.


* A free replacement will only be issued once during the warranty period.  Any additional replacements will be prorated at the sole discretion of Shorai. If a product is purchased via prorate, any replacments  of said product will also be prorated. 



The warranty coverage period will be five years from the original date of purchase.  Any free replacement or pro-rated warranty purchases during this time will not extend the warranty coverage period.  A copy of the original receipt or proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims.


Returns MUST be accompanied by:

  • A copy of Original
  • Receipt (or Shorai Order ID#)Shorai-Issued RMA#

Returns without Receipt and/or RMA# may only be replaced at 25% discount from Shorai MSRP (suggested retail) price for that battery type, plus return shipping charges.

Products found NOT defective after in-house testing at Shorai may be returned to customers, at their expense for shipping.

The warranty is a pro-rated policy, divided into two periods from date of purchase within the USA. Coverage is as follows:


Month 1~12 13~60    
Discount from MSRP 100% 50%    


Customers are responsible for paying initial shipping charge to return batteries if required. Shorai. will pay shipping on replacement batteries sent to customers, except those without copy of receipt and/or RMA#.


In cases where Shorai products are purchased within the Unites States but delivered to countries outside the United States, shipping charges  will apply for warranty-replacement cases.


*If purchased from Canada please contact your local Shorai dealer or distributor. International distributors may have a different warranty policy.  Please refer to your international distributor for specific details

* A free replacement will only be issued once during the warranty period.  Any additional replacements will be prorated at the sole discretion of Shorai.



Any merchandise in “new” condition which was originally purchased via the Shorai website may be returned to Shorai Inc within 30 days of purchase. For "as new" returns to other sellers, please consult your seller for their terms.

Merchandise must be accompanied by a Return Authorization Number, copy of receipt or order number, and all original packaging in "new" condition.

Refunds will be granted less the actual original shipping cost if it was a "free shipping" item. A restocking fee may be assessed - or refund entirely refused - in case the product or packaging is damaged, depending on severity.



Any item damaged in transit must be reported to the SHIPPER IMMEDIATELY upon opening of the package, and also Shorai Inc. All original packaging must be retained until further notice. Shorai will respond with instructions ASAP, after consultation with the shipping agent.


SHORAI PRODUCT SERVICE CENTER  (mailing only. no service staff)

1912 N Higley Rd

Mesa, AZ  85205-3306

Business hours: M~F 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST